Why you should buy handmade.

Hello! I hope you are well.

Some people wonder what the point of buying hand-made is.  Here are some reasons I buy and sell handmade.

1. Its ethical, it’s not being made in a factory in another country by children or underpaid workers.

2. Awesome quality

3. I found this quote on pinterest and I loved it “When you buy handmade you are one in a million not one of millions.”

4. When you buy from a hand-made artisan, that person is so happy and grateful that you chose their work.  Your not just paying for some executive somewhere to buy another boat.

5. Much better for you local economy.

6. When you buy someone a handmade gift, it feels extra special.

I had one customer contact me because he wanted the perfect gift for his girl friend.  He said she was into sustainable living, recycling, the beach and nature.  His words were “she’s a bit of a hippie.”  He had looked on etsy as he knew that was the best place to find handmade gifts.  He typed in “Jewellery for hippies” and my cowrie shell anklets was one of the items that caught his eye and he purchased two of them.  It was so lovely to hear how he had really thought about the gift he was purchasing, he wanted it to align with her values and character. So much nicer than going to the shop and buying something that she thinks she might like the look of.

What do you think? why do you buy handmade?


2 thoughts on “Why you should buy handmade.

  1. Couldn’t agree more! You should see the look on my face when I do post office runs to post my items ! Best feeling in the world! It’s funny because by day, I sell technology and the contracts can be huge, by night I sell kits and items for just a few quids and the feeling is so much better even though the amounts are not even comparable. Most of my presents this year will be bought from small independent makers .

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