Meet the maker – Nicki from Knot my style.

Hello lovely people!

I always find it fascinating to find out about other makers, why they do what they do, what their work space looks like etc, so I am going to be doing a segment on different makers hopefully each week.

First up we have Nicki from knot my style.  Ill let her tell you what she does.

Please introduce yourself.  My name is Nicola or Nicki as I prefer. I am a mother of 4 who loves to thrift and create.


What do you make? I make macrame wall art and clothing from vintage thrifted fabrics.

Why are you a maker? I make and create as I find it very therapeutic and something that helps to relax.


Whats your current work in progress? My current work in progress is a smallish custom order for a customer that wanted something to hang in her new nursery whilst waiting for their baby boy to arrive.

What is your work space like? My work place is a room in the house, so its not actually a separate room.  I prefer it this way as I can create but still be with my family at the same time.


Where can we buy? My creations are available via instagram @knotmystyle or you can contact me via email on


Thanks Nicki!

If you would like to see whats new in the etsy shop or on the blog you can subscribe to my email here. email subscription



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