Meet the maker – Jodie from Sista hook

Carrying on from last weeks ‘meet the maker’, today, we take a look into yet another hand maker. Jodie from Sista hook.  She crochets and sells her items on line.  Ill let her do the talking…


Hello! please introduce your self: 

Hi! My name is Jodie.  I am a wife and mother to 3 gorgeous fur babies and I live on an acreage on Sydneys northern beaches.

I learnt to crochet granny square blankets as a child but eventually gave it up.  2 years ago I decided to pick up my hooks again and watched a few tutorials on YouTube.  I haven’t looked back since.  I love to crochet… there is so much creativity in crochet and I am learning new stitches, techniques and tricks all the time. You can keep it simple or you can go wild with your imagination.


What do you make?

Mostly crochet home decor items such as rugs, ottomans and baskets, women’s clothing and bags of all sizes.

For the most partI love to work with chunky recycled t-shirt / spaghetti yarn as you see results very quickly and it is an inexpensive up cycled textile.  However I do love traditional crochet using 4 or 8 ply cotton blends for clothing.

I also teach beginners crochet workshops at a local studio where we choose a simple project for beginners using the t-shirt yarn, which is growing in popularity.

Macrame is my 2nd love and when I want to give the hooks a rest I get creative with macrame wall hangings and plant holders.

Why are you a maker?

I simply love having a creative outlet.  Its extremely therapeutic, rewarding and very enjoyable.  And its great for my brain!

Whats your current work in progress?

I am working on my own pattern design for a small round clutch that looks and feels like a mini cushion!


What is your work space like?

Its actually a single car garage that is attached to the house that was once used for storage and as the dogs “bedroom”  Eventually I needed a room to store all my yarn and everything else I use so it become my creative work space.  It is still where the dogs sleep (they have a futon and a single chair sofa….. they are very spoilt!)


Where can we buy?

I have an etsy store where I sell yarn and a few items, or you can message me privately on Instagram if you see something you like or would like something custom made (colours, size etc.) My Instagram, Etsy and You tube profile is found under SisterHook.


Thanks Jodie! Check out Jodie’s shop here: SistaHook


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