Beach life – Crochet stones

We are very lucky to live on the Northern beaches of Sydney. ย We are spoilt for choice with the beaches we can go to.

I grew up in Essex in the UK, the beach was about an hour away and we only went a couple of times a year. ย When we moved to Australia when I was 17 I was over whelmed by how beautiful the beaches are here.

Me and my girls..Indigo and Amber, are always collecting stones and shells from the beach and I wanted to do something unique with them.


I found some amazing tutorials online showing you how to crochet onto stones. like this one:ย crochet stone tutorialย  There are also lots of great patterns on Ravelry which is a website for crocheters and knitters:ย ravelry

Here are some pics of the ones I made.


You can make them colourful or you can keep them plain which looks stunning as well.

Are you a crocheter? Have you tried crocheting stones?


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