Summer must haves – Barefoot sandals

Its summer here in Australia, which means lots more time spent at the beach, hanging out at the pool, going to bbqs. Generally just being bare foot.

Do you know being barefoot is actually good for you! its called earthing or grounding.  In short its the process of absorbing earths free flowing electrons from its surface through the souls of ones feet.

The benefits of earthing or grounding are high.  Such things as:

  • Reducing inflammation.
  • Improving sleep.
  • Increasing energy.
  • Reduces stress hormones, there by promoting calmness.
  • Supports adrenal health.
  • Normalises biological rhythms, like your sleeping patterns, which can also help with jet lag.

So you may as well look good doing it! That’s where barefoot sandals come in!! (Also great for wearing when you do yoga or pilates.)

You can also choose what colour you’d like if your not into the very popular white.

Check them out here: Barefoot sandals

And you can also get matching baby barefoot sandals!! I’ll write about those soon. In the mean time you can check them out here: Baby barefoot sandals

Do you love being bare foot?


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