Meet the maker – Aimee Walker

Today we are talking to Aimee from Aimee Walker art. She is an amazingly talented, self taught artist….

My name is Aimee Walker, I am a Kiwi living in Australia. I am married to an Aussie and have 2 wonderful, energetic young boys.

My art is inspired by the amazing flora and fauna of both these unique and wonderful countries.

I studied art at university but then took a break to travel the world and lost touch with my creativity. I started painting with watercolour when my second child was a baby, it was a means to alleviate the mild postnatal depression I was suffering at the time. I am truly happy when I am creating.

I am self taught and love the process of experimentation as much as creating a finished piece.

My favourite mediums are watercolour and graphite. I started with watercolour because it was an easy medium to pack away and clean up quickly with 2 little people running around. I have grown to adore the magic of watercolour and its unpredictable nature, then the patience required to build up all the luminous layers to gradually bring the image to life.

Being creative is a huge factor in my happiness, it makes me feel alive and fulfilled. I hope to teach my children how to express themselves through a creative outlet too.

I am currently working on large original water colour paintings of green leaves from various plants. I am also trying to start a collection of native New Zealand and Australian birds which are my favourite subject matter.


You can discover more about my creative journey on my Instagram account @Aimee Walker.Art

I will be selling my art at the next Avoca Beachside Markets on Sunday 28th of January

It is also available for purchase on my Etsy account: Aimee walker art

I hope you enjoy my art as much as i have enjoyed creating it!


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