Boho wedding round up.

Hey guys! hope your doing good!  I was so excited that Doll Cake Vintage purchased a pair of my crochet, baby, barefoot sandals to put into their most recent photo shoot, (pic above) Yew!! They chose the ivory colour which works so well with this dress.  How amazing would this look on a flower girl at a beach wedding!

That inspired me to put together a list of items from my shop that are perfect for boho, beach weddings…..

Like Bare foot sandals for the bride and bridesmaids.  I have 2 wedding styles that are super popular and they are both beaded!

Pineapple beaded bare foot sandals  and the Classic style

Now for the flower girls.  Here is where the baby barefoot sandals come in. They are a replica of the classic style barefoot sandal (above), but made with very fine cotton and a tiny little hook. they are more expensive than the adult barefoot sandals because they are very fiddly to crochet.  They are also beaded.

baby barefoot sandals When you order just pop in the comments how old your baby or toddler is. I make these to fit from 3 months to 5 years.

Then there are the anklets which you can wear as an anklet, a choker or a headpiece! very versatile because they tie up.  They come in either cowrie shell or gypsy coin options.

Gypsy coin anklet, choker or headpiece Cowrie shell anklet, choker or headpiece

Every boho wedding needs some crochet bunting!

IMG_E3946These can be made in almost any colour you like.  The most popular colour by far is the Parchment. (Below).


Crochet bunting


These all make great gifts too!!  The Kombi pictures featuring my crochet bunting are from Kombi dreams.  They use their gorgeous Kombi to chauffeur people on tours, events or weddings.  If your on the Mornington Peninsula look them up! Kombi dreams


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