Meet the maker – Sarah Storey fibre art.

Hi there! My name is Sarah, I’m a mum of five, married to my very supportive husband Simon, and live on the Central Coast of Australia.

Although I’m Australian, my husband is from Northern Ireland. I lived in England for 11 years and 4 of the kids were born there. I make Macrame Wall Hangings, teach macrame from my home and I also homeschool so it’s quite a juggling act at times!

I began my artistic journey fairly late in my life after searching for something I really felt passionate about. This is how I feel about my fibre art – it’s been an internal connection to something I’ve felt was always inside me but lay dormant.

We just bought a house so my workspace is limited at the moment but I use a very sunny room where my work can flow peacefully. I have an online store where you can check out some of my pieces and buy tickets to my beginners workshops – it’s: Sarah Storey fibreart but you can just follow me on Instagram to get updates 🙂


Thanks to Kate for her support of local artists and for introducing me through her blog – and of course for being such an inspiration to artists just starting their journey……


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