Gypsy coin anklet.

Hey guys!  Hope your week is going well so far.  My littlest just started school today! fortunately there were no tears, just lots of excitement.  Im pretty lucky she’s quite confident, I think if she would have cried – I would have cried.

Now that I have more time to myself Im really excited to start working more on the business.  Making new designs, doing more blog posts, updating the shop more.  Im so excited actually!

I thought I would just post some newest pictures of the gypsy, coin anklet.  I love this anklet so much!!  I crochet it from 100% Australian cotton, so you can even wear it in the ocean.  Perfect beach jewellery.  Because its a tie up you can also wear it as a choker and a head piece too!

I had an order for a beach wedding, where the bride wore the beaded barefoot sandals and all the bridesmaids wore gypsy, coin anklets  and then the flower girl had the matching baby, barefoot sandals all in white! It would have looked so stunning all together.

I actually have designed quite a few things incorporating these coins as I just love them, Ill do a post on those soon.

Take care, Katie xx


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