90s style chokers

My teenage years were spent in the 90s, I have a lot of memories of mosh pits, grunge music, and chokers.  My standard Saturday night dress was tube tops, flared jeans and really high wedge shoes.


(me above around the late 90s early 00s)

I wore chokers with everything, all different types, beaded, crochet, or plastic stretchy ones.   They were the years of no social media and it was kind of simpler without it.  Although I have to say I would be lost without it now.  There is just no way that I could have run my business the way I do now without the internet.  I would have had to make lots of stock and then do lots of markets.  Now I can make to order in my living room for people all over the world, and thats amazing!

I wanted to show you some designs I made that the 90s me would have adored, (if only I had known how to crochet back then.)

They come in four neutral colours.  You can wear it alone or you can pair it with the beaded, wrap choker, for a layered look.

The beaded, wraps come in the same colours as the 90s chokers so you can mix and match them.

You can buy them here 90s choker and the Beaded, wrap

What era were you a teenager in?


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