We bought a vintage caravan!

Hey guys, hope ya doin good.

I wanted to show you our most exciting purchase yet, a 1967, Viscount ambassador caravan!

It looks so cool and the inside is in such good condition for its age.

There are a few things I would like to fix up inside.  I have had people say I should leave her exactly as is and others say that it would look amazing with a few changes like a paint and new flooring.  At the moment I am leaning more to giving it a paint and making it a bit more our style.

The things that do definitely need changing are the blinds as they are disintegrating.  and some of the foam is coming out of the couch, so that may need recovering.

I am going to attempt to make the blinds myself, I just so hope I don’t stuff it up!

Also Ben will replace some of the seals around the windows.  But other that that she is perfect!



Amber helped me make a little video of the inside, below.

its a bit wobbly and I say ummmm a lot and I so can’t stand hearing my voice recorded!  Anyways check it out!





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