My experience of working with Kismet collections.


Hey friends!  I have been working with Kismet collections for a few months now.  For me the experience has been amazing in so many ways.

My products are now showcased on a website with a lot of visitors, who’s boho style matches to mine.  I regularly have orders from them, in fact I get more orders from Kismet than I do from my etsy shop!

I love the fact that they take the time to promote small, hand makers like myself.  My little business really started to take off as soon as I started to work with them.  They are so friendly and helpful, nothings ever a problem, which makes working with them such a pleasure.  Here is a quote from their website, which sums it up perfectly:

We work hard to support the small businesses and local artisans in our Featured Artist section by showcasing their unique and handmade products for the community so they may help to manifest joy through the sharing of gifts and to promote a pure and organic lifestyle.

Kismet collections support animal friendly products and sustainability.  All of my pieces are made from 100% Australian cotton and I hand make all the packaging from left over fabric that I pick up from the op-shop.  Both trying our best to be as eco friendly as we can.

We believe that making these types of products accessible, popular, and visible is how we can encourage change in the way our society consumes. We take our support hands on and do not use third party charities. 

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Kismet collections for all the hard work they do to support small hand makers like myself.  They give us a chance to be seen and heard by the world and that is something money can’t buy.


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